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A Smarter Super Bowl

Many Americans tuned into their favorite sports channels this past Sunday to root for their favorite team in the Super Bowl. Whether you were rooting for the Giants or the Patriots, it was easy to see that some things had changed from previous Super Bowls.

From commercials to teams, almost every product used in Super Bowl XLVI came with a hashtag. Hashtags make it easy to either sum up a post, product or idea. They also make it easy to categorize trends. Hashtags are more noticeably used on the social media site Twitter. In a recent blog post by Emil Protalinski from zdnet.com, there seems to be a  migration of teens switching from Facebook to Twitter. And why not incorporate a Twitter characteristic, being used more and more by teens,  into prime television real estate?

Many commercials such as Audi, Doritos and Budweiser contained hashtags like #SoLongVampires to boost their popularity and make their time slots last longer than their allotted 30 seconds. Teens and adults, alike, were all updating their twitter feeds rooting for their favorite teams, voting for their favorite commercials, and slamming Madonna on the half-time show.

By using these hashtags, the Super Bowl becomes more tech efficient (not to mention that this Super Bowl was the very first one to be watched live on smartphones) moving it into the realm of quick, important information depending on the Twitter Generation and its needs.

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