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Who’s Working for Whom?

At this day in age, there are more and more smartphones being used by mobile users. With these smartphones come data plans, and with these data plans come choices.

In 2010, AT&T decided to completely remove theit option for an unlimited data plan. Any mobile user that was paying for the unlimited plan at the time had the option of being grandfathered in with the rest of the plans. This meant that they were not required to go to AT&T’s tiered plans, which did not include unlimited.

ImageIn an article by Peter Svensson, reporter for Associated Press, an AT&T user recounts that his speeds for his iPhone went from ridiculously fast to being surpassed by dial-up in the matter of days. A webpage that would take a second to render eventually took two minutes. Why is that? AT&T stifled the data intake by almost 99 percent.

“Under a new policy, AT&T has started cutting their data speeds as a part of an attempt to manage data usage on its network,” said Svensson.

This policy only works on the 3G or 4G data networks. Wireless Internet connections are not affected.

AT&T has throttled unlimited plans (which are $30) at 2.3 gigabytes of usage. There are $30 tiered plans with AT&T that get you 3 gigabytes of data. This begs the question as to why AT&T would limit at 2.3 gb for $30 when they have a plan that’s $30 for more gigabytes. Is AT&T simply wanting to round us into their tirered plans, or are they just wanting to limit us because they can?

The user in Svensson’s article is claimed to have no ability to file a lawsuit seeing as how the throttling is random.

“They just guaranteed the highway. They didn’t guarantee the speed limit,” said Gregory Tallman, a current AT&T unlimited data user.

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