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Is it the Size of the Boat or the Motion of the Ocean?

Technology has followed a trend recently that directly correlates with the size of your wallet. The smaller and thinner technology got, the more expensive it was making your wallet smaller and thinner. Android, however, seems to be following a different suit.

Android released the Samsung Galaxy Note in October 2011, making is available in stores weeks later. The Samsung Galaxy Note is exclusively carried by AT&T. The most profound feature of the Note? It’s whopping 5.3″ touch screen. It’s the exact reversal from the 3.5″ screen on the iPhone. The note has been branded as both a tablet and a phone.

The large screen on this phone has been a problem for some users. On AT&T’s site, many customer reviews claim that the phone is too lareg or two heavy.

One customer even claimed it was a “two-handed device.”

With it’s large and awkward device, the question to ask is how it is affecting Google Android’s sales.

Google is surpassing Windows as Apple’s biggest competitior. As Apple puts a large emphasis on their mobile device market, Google is doing the same.

In the last quarter, according to an article by Tarmo Virki in the Huffington Post, smartphones took a dive in sales, by 16.5 percent. Gartner analyst, Roberta Cozza, claims that Android did not fall in sales as much as Nokia and RIM did. RIM (Research In Motion), the developer of Blackberry, has taken huge cuts with production and sales. This lack in fall with Google is due to lack of new merchandise and the momentum already built by the previous quarter.

While the current trend in mobile phones is going down, it is hard to see individual trends. The only solid thing to say is that the top fighters in thie match is definitely Apple and Google, and Google’s mighty new phone may be taking a punch for Google.

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