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Top 10 Tech Gadgets to Get You Through College (Part 1)

College isn’t what it used to be ten years ago. Gone are the days of only needing a pen and paper and maybe a book. Now, students need things with a bit more electricity in them.

Listed below are the top ten gadgets that you will need to get through college. While some a student could do without, these gadgets could all prove to make college life a bit more simple.

1. Laptop, preferably a Mac

It is no news to students that they will require a laptop once in college. True, libraries and computer labs have all of the necessary gadgets to scrape through an assignment, but those labs and libraries all have hours in which they are closed. Let’s face it, most of you are starting papers a mere hours before they are due. What some students don’t know is that a Mac is mostly the best way to go. Sure, sure, they’re the most expensive computers out there. With that price tag, though, comes a few perks. apples have been proven to last longer than any other PC. Also, Windows PCs are more susceptible to viruses. The rumors saying Macs are virus-free is a lie. The viruses in Macs, though, are more few and far between. I currently use a MacBook Pro, but I am not biased in the slightest. I used two PCs from the start of my freshman year. Why two you ask? Because both of them crashed. One Dell and another Sony Vaio. I decided to make the expensive move to Apple, and I’ve never looked back. My Mac has never given me an issue with freezing, crashing, losing files, or anything like that. If given the opportunity, GET A MAC!

2. Smartphone

All across college campuses, students are seen updating their Facebook, Twitter, posting pictures with Instagram and checking in on Foursquare to become the mayor of the English building. These smartphones serve another great purpose. If a student doesn’t wish to bring their laptop to class or the professor frowns upon it, they will have their smart phone by their side. These phones can prove useful during class time. I can’t count the times I’ve googled something my professor said because I didn’t understand it. Also, I can’t count the times professors have sent me emails while in other classes that their class had been canceled saving me the time of waiting for 30 minutes in front of the classroom. Teachers have even encouraged students to google words, terms, places and other things to help them better understand the lesson. Whatever carrier you choose is your choice, all of them have great options. Just get one, it will save your college career from your logophile professor.

3. e-Reader

E-Readers are something new to the college campus. Most people only use them for recreational reading. Students and publishers are catching on, though. Students can purchase their books for hundreds of dollars each semester and sell them all back for $5. Biggest scam ever. E-readers are offering an alternative. The books are not only cheaper because you’re not paying for all the printing, but they are also more compact. Coming from an English major who carried around a giant Shakespeare book, I wish I had an e-reader earlier. Also, when studying, with most e-readers, you can search terms making it easier to find information. You can also look up words’ definitions on the e-readers that are Wi-Fi enabled. I highly recommend this. It will save you money and back pain. 

4. Tablet

A tablet, like the e-reader, is a new kid on campus. Many students traded in their old laptops to grab one of these up. While I don’t recommend that, I do recommend getting one. Apple and Android both have come out with awesome options. These can be used for full desktop viewing when your laptop isn’t around. Smartphones can sometimes be too small to read some information on, and laptops can be troublesome to carry around. Tablets are the answer to this problem. Some tablets offer an e-reading app which could kill two birds with one stone. While this gadget isn’t necessary to graduate, it will definitely help you out. 

5. iPod 

What do students do while walking to class? Text their friends? Stop and chat? People watch? Most students are seen with earbuds in their ears drowning out the world around them. The best device for this is an iPod or an iPod device. While Apple may rule the laptop industry, there are plenty of other great choices when it comes to a portable media player. the only perk Apple has over its competitors is iTunesU. This offers universities to have a place where they can post podcasts, lectures, notes, and extra readings pertaining to classes. I’m sure most students are listening to the latest Ke$ha, Pitbull, Lil’ Wayne or Drake, and not Anatomy & Physiology lectures. That being said, plenty of other companies offer the same device for plenty cheaper. While there is no iTunesU, you can use your other devices to help keep you up to date on your classwork. Not only will this gadget keep you entertained between classes, it could also help in long car rides, Spring Break, and those romantic nights in your dorm.

The five other gadgets are to come soon!

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