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Top 10 Tech Gadgets to Get You Through College (Part 2)

Here are gadgets 6-10 that will help get you through college.

6. Digital Recorder

Recorders have been around for ages. College classes are not new habitats for voice recorders. Cassette recorders were used time after time to record lectures and class notes as well as reminders. The problem with these gadgets, though were the cassettes. They were easily recorded over, and one small twitch could mean the difference between getting an A on a test and getting an F. Digital recorders have solved this problem. They pick up more subject sound and less ambient noise. Also, if you need to stop and add a side-note, the digital recorder allows you to do so with precision. Further, these gadgets can be easily imported and listened to on that handy iPod or MP3 player of yours. This means you can listen to last class’s lecture on your way to the next class. Talk about a cram session.

7. Wireless Router

So many campuses now offer internet capabilities to each of their dormitories. What’s not always offered is Wi-Fi. This means you have to either buy or drag out that ancient ethernet cord and be trapped to your desk the rest of the semester. Luckily, there is a solution. Wireless routers make the internet mobile. Plug the ethernet into your handy wireless router and voila! You have mobility. Wireless routers can range from cheap to extremely expensive. If you get one thats mid-price range, it will definitely pay off, and you can even take it with you when you move out. You are now free to write that English term paper in the comfort of your bed. You can take those online quizzes you’ve been dodging in front of the TV. One rule to having a wireless router in a dormitory is to make sure you lock it. Otherwise, the people in the rooms next to you can mooch off of your wireless. Lock it, and give your friends the password. They’ll greatly appreciate it.

8. Wireless Printer

It’s true that all campuses have the facilities to print student documents. It’s also true that you have to pay for these facilities. In some universities, this cost is included in your tuition and is not much. In other universities, they require you to provide paper. Either way, it can be a problem when all of the students are rushing around to find a free computer to print off their final term research paper. Buying a wireless printer can greatly help you out. A regular printer will do, but often can prove to be cumbersome in those small dormitories with all of those cords. Imagine awkwardly holding your laptop with the USB printer plugged in as it prints out onto your mini fridge. The wireless printer can simply be set on the floor or under your desk and you never have to see it again unless you’re grabbing the paper from it. They range in price, but can be on the expensive side. Obviously, the corded printers will be less expensive, but you get what you pay for. Again, it just makes college life simple. Like the router, you can print from your bed or in front of your TV. Not a necessity, but you’ll thank me if you get one.

9. Personal Wi-Fi

Personal Wi-Fi? Isn’t my Wireless router enough? To answer that question, it can be enough depending on who you are. Personal Wi-Fi is wireless mobility to the max. Personal Wi-Fi devices or My-Fi have bee recently introduced to the market. They are sold by mobile phone carriers, and they use cell tower signal and convert it into Wi-Fi signal. Some of these devices are small enough to fit in your pocket. They can be connected to your tablet, iPod, laptop, and your smartphone all at the same time, often leaving enough room for your friend’s Wi-Fi enabled gadget of choice. These gadgets help when you’re in a pickle. Say you’re in your car on a road trip, your and your friend’s phones are both dead, and you’re lost. Well, you can but out either your laptop or tablet, connect your personal Wi-Fi, and get directions in an instant. My-Fi saves the day! While this situation is found few and far between each other, it is still relevant. The My-Fi is an extravagant purchase with long-term investments, but it can be well worth the money depending on how much you use your gadgets.


10. Last, but not least Flash Drive or External Hard Drive

These forms of external storage can certainly help in a pickle. Thumb drives and external hard drives can hold anywhere from 512 mb, which could hold about 100 songs, to 750 gigs, which could hold two netbook hard drives. External storage comes in handy when you need to take documents from class to class. Sure, you could e-mail the documents to yourself, but where’s the fun in that? Also, it helps when you’re in a group and you need to keep all of the documents you’re working on in one place. Needless to say, this gadget could help you survive in college, but if you’re comfortable e-mailing yourself your documents, you can forgo this one.


So, there you have it! The top 10 gadgets to help get you through college. Some are extreme necessities. Others are helpful luxuries. Pick and choose at your own risk, and good luck!

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