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Hulu, Who Knew?

Cable or digital television has become a staple in any home. Networks provide shows that people simply can’t miss. In the real world, though, things come, schedules get messed up, and time is not allotted for television viewing. Luckily, Hulu has been there to help us out with that, but something is changing.

Hulu has been known for airing last night’s episode of Glee, last week’s episode of The Office, or any other delayed airing of shows that people might have missed. They have even introduced British television to an American audience. Shows like Downtown Abbey and Misfits are making their way into American pop culture. People may be seeing a new lineup in their shows, though.

In an article in The New York Times,Hulu announced that the company will be producing original shows to play alongside their delayed airing content. Member of the company hope that this will bring more users to Hulu as an online television destination and not just a place to catch last night’s show.

Further news reports that the company has also reached just over two million $8-month subscribers. This might be the push Hulu needed to make such a move. Now that they have a sizable audience, their original content would be more likely to be viewed.

What does this mean for other similar companies? Will Netflix begin to create original content such as mini movies or series? Perhaps not, but Hulu is definitely changing the way people are viewing entertainment television.

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