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Google+, Minus the People

Last year, Google jumped on the social media bandwagon and created its own place where you can add friends, tag photos and connect with other people you may or may not know. Sound familiar? Google had everything it needed:simple layout, publicity, but it was missing one thing. People.

Google+, which is what Google called this social media network, was first only open to Beta users. This meant that joining was invitation only, and the users would give feedback on what they liked and what they would change. Regular users, those who just wanted to see what the “Facebook killer” looked like, could submit their emails and would be notified when Google+ was open to them.

Once those people were finally allowed on Google+, everything was fine except one thing: their friends were nowhere to be found. Not everyone was allowed to join at the same time, like it is now. So, what was the point of having this social media site when there is no social aspect to it? Nowadays, you don’t hear much about Google+, the supposed “Facebook killer” seems to have rolled over in defeat.

Google still tries to push their site by including it as the main social media app on Google powered phones. Also, they do offer a feature that Facebook borrowed called “Hangout.” This is where you can video chat with your friends rather than using text boxes.

While Google gave a valiant effort, I would suggest for them to cut their losses. For a large majority of the population, I am sure their first choice in social media goes to Facebook or Twitter. Their first app to download: Facebook or Twitter. Good go, though, Google.

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