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I Can See the Light!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, e-readers are becoming a large amount of profit for vendors like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. These book sellers are in a constant battle to make their e-readers a little bit better, a little bit brighter, and a little bit smarter. So far, both companies have come out with almost identical products. That is until Barnes & Noble recently introduced their Nook simple Touch with GlowLight.

This Nook is the best of both worlds when it comes to e-readers. The Nook still uses the e-ink technology common with many of the e-readers on the market like the original Nook and the orignal Kindle. E-ink is an amazing piece of technology where it appears as crisp black ink on the electronic white pages of the e-reader. E-ink also uses less battery when used. The only time it uses any battery energy is when the reader “turns the page.” What the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight does, though is way beyond appearing like a regular book.

The technology used in this e-reader allows readers to use the screen as an intuitive touch screen. Already, there is an amazing blend of both worlds of e-readers. The e-ink design of the original e-readers with the touch capacity of the newest e-reading tablets. What many owners of e-readers will tell you, though, is that it’s difficult to read in the dark. Like a regular book, without light, you can’t read. Barnes & Noble solved this problem.

The GlowLight used in the new Nook takes the backlit display of the tablets, employs touch screen abilities, all with the beautiful e-ink display. This new Nook will retail for $139, $40 more than the basic Nook Simple Touch, and $30 less than the Nook Color Tablet, making it the most bang for your buck.

Time will only tell when Amazon will release a similar product.

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