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Kick Out the Dumb Waiter, We’ve Got a Smart Table

Restaurants are one place that technology hasn’t greatly influenced. With the few exceptions for digitizing orders and payments, the restaurant industry has remained remotely unchanged in the tech department. In London, though, they have moved the computers from the back kitchen to the table tops.

A London restaurant, Inamo, has implemented “smart” tables that give paying customers an interactive restaurant experience. From design to function, the tables provide a new world experience.

The tables have many functions like being able to change tablecloths, show digital menus, as well as offer location-based services like calling a cab. Also, the tables have taken over the customer service aspect of this industry.

Servers are no longer needed, at least not in large amounts. Customers can bring up the digital menus when they are ready, and their order gets sent straight into the kitchen. While they are waiting on their food, there is a need for drink servers,at least for now. Also, they can entertain themselves on the games provided in the table’s software.

Slowly, but surely, the restaurant industry is accumulating some tech gear of its own, and to many customers wants and servers horrors, these tables are providing an exquisite, entertaining restaurant experience.

  1. danny dean
    May 2, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    good job, great research and writting

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