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New iPhone5: The iPhone People Wanted?

The Apple iPhone 5 was revealed today by Apple Inc. about 3 hours ago. With multiple improvements, and some possible downgrades, is this new iPhone 5 something that all iPhone users are wanting? Let’s take a look at what’s new and what’s old.

First, the massive 4″ screen is a successful boost to the previous iPhones’ screens measuring at half an inch more of a display field. The same form idea is kept from the previous iPhone4 and iPhone 4s–the candy bar shape. Also new on the hardware is a brand new charging port. Apple claims it to be smaller, smarter, more durable and reversible. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to shove my iPhone4 charger into the port backwards. One thing expected from the charging area was it to be magnetic, much like Apple’s MacBook series. The magnets make sure that if someone were to trip the charging cord or accidentally pull it out, that it wouldn’t mess up the laptop or send it flying across the room. Another physical change to the outside of the phone is in the camera. Gone are the days of cover glass, Apple has moved to a new sapphire glass to cover the camera lens, which is said to be more durable and lighter.

Then comes the software. Upon first glance, the software seems to not have changed much. What you see is what you get, the same old icon-laiden home screen. There is the same amount of home screen customization in the iPhone5 as the iPhone 3Gs. You would think that there would be room for minuscule changes like customizing your home screen within the last three years. Other than that, the iPhone boasts quicker LTE speeds that assume the position of being faster than a Wi-Fi connection. Further tests will prove this theory. Also a big kicker is the ability to take panoramic pictures. The new camera is said to take panoramic photos up to 28 megapixels. Here you can see photos taken by the new camera on the iPhone5. According to Apple, the gyroscope, camera app and A6 chip work together to provide up to a 240 degree shot. This could become handy when trying to take a better cover photo for your Facebook timeline.

Speaking of Facebook, it looks like Apple has finally jumped on the bandwagon of integrating Facebook into the phone. You can post pictures straight from your photo albums to Facebook along with a caption. This isn’t a ground-breaking find, though. Android has been integrating Facebook and Twitter into their operating systems from the start.

Also new is the audio produced by the iPhone5. New earpods, which alone will run you about $30, are reported to fit inside a user’s ear more comfortably. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to take the old Apple earbuds out of my ears because they hurt so much, so this is an improvement. More on the audio home front is a new “beamforming” technology from Apple. In simple terms, it just means that there are now three microphones on the iPhone5 which allow for more noise canceling. “So when you hold iPhone up to your ear in a loud room, you hear what matters most: the voice on the other end.” How sweet, Apple.

Apple has finally separated itself from Google by getting rid of Google Maps and coming up with its own version conveniently titled “Maps.” No change there. It does finally offer turn-by-turn navigation,which has been offered in Android devices since inception, and a cool new fly-over feature which makes it look like you are flying over the buildings. It’s Google Maps Satellite with a 3-D twist.

Siri is also new. She can now grab you specific sports game scores as well as make you a reservation. I just wonder if she’s learned any new jokes.

Lastly, Apple has included plenty more calling features including FaceTime over cellular data. Wi-Fi connections will be a thing of the past…that is until FaceTime eats up all of your data. Further, users now have the option decline a call and immediately reply with a text or set a reminder to call back. That could come in handy when you’re on the phone and your mother decides to call just to chat for a few hours. You can now remind yourself to call her, and mean it.

Those are just the preliminary upgrades that Apple has released. No doubt, there are many more tips and tricks to the new iPhone5, just as there are with all of the iPhones. Prices start at a surprisingly low $199 with a 2-year contract, so wallets can rest easy. That is, unless you’re buying one out of contract, then it comes at a pretty penny– $649 for the 16gb, to be exact.

Whether your just wading out your contract with your iPhone or you’ve already pre-ordered your new iPhone5, do think this is the phone people have been waiting for?

Below is the official video from Apple introducing the new iPhone5 to the world.

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