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Don’t Call it a Comeback…Really, Don’t.

Myspace, in its prime was they height of all social media. Facebook strived to be just like it, and Twitter never stood a chance against it. Where else could friends post pictures, make status updates and blog about their most recent crush? At the time, nowhere. Now, with the wide acceptance of more social media websites, Myspace seems to be nothing but space yelling for Facebook and Twitter to wait up.

Admit it, we all had one, but no one would dare sign back into their Myspace account, that is if you remember your 12-year-old log in information. Well, to contradict myself, I revisited my Myspace account after a friend posted a picture of the website claiming “This is Myspace” offering a “cool, new” look. I use quotations because It looks much like the simple layout Facebook and Twitter got us all with in the beginning. We all know what happened from there. Blowups of applications, themed profiles, business pages and advertisements galore.

At least Myspace is staying true to its promotion of music, from both old and new artists. Opening up the homepage, you can see that much of the news they cover deals with social entertainment focusing on movies and music–something their users would know.

I feel that the new Myspace is on the same track MTV was on in the 90’s. Everyone loved MTV. The music they played was the coolest, and the people they had on the show were the hottest. It’s central focus was music. Currently, the only thing I know MTV still does with actual music is their morning playlist of music videos around 7:00am. Much like MTV, Myspace was a place where new music could cultivate and grow into popular bands and artists. Then, it got derailed with the social aspect of it. Posting pictures and chatting with friends about the latest middle school gossip was more important than the new upcoming indie rocker with a soul vibe and a jazz beat.

With such a huge focus on music, I think Myspace has potential of coming back, but only as a music social media site. Like how Instagram and Tumblr are photo social media programs, Myspace could be a music discovering social website. If it sticks to that, it might have a chance. Also, it should change its name. Myspace has a huge stigma on it since its break off into social suicide.

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