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Guest Blog: Shannon Drew-Tech Literacy.

Hello All! My name is Shannon and Joshua, the author of this blog, happens to be my best friend. I am an advertising student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and will be graduating in May of 2013 (assuming the world doesn’t implode in December). In our desperate attempt to boost our online presence and strengthen our influence; Josh and I decided to feature each other in our blogs. Check mine out here.

As you all know from reading this fantastically informative blog, its main focus is technology. When Josh and I first came up with the idea of featuring each other, it hadn’t donned on me that I would have to write a blog post on this matter (don’t judge me). After asking Josh about what I should write about, my internal light bulb illuminated like the star on top of a Christmas tree (Christmas is 3 months away, by the way). I have decided to write about my ignorance to technology.

I know what you’re thinking, that I’m an idiot, right? Wrong. I’m versed in technology enough to write this blog on my laptop, as well as other important tasks like creeping on Facebook. I can post a tweet and I can watch a video on Hulu or YouTube. As a young whipper-snapper at the ripe age of 22, I can do all that society expects of me: document my every day procedures through an online form of media. Ask me the features of my lap top, though, and my response will be somewhat like: “uh, it’s a Dell.” This is a problem that I am fully aware of. I have become so reliant on others around me to make technological purchasing decisions (seriously, ask Josh) that if someone were to send me out to buy the best smart phone out there, I would probably come back with a BlackBerry. Seriously, who uses those things anymore?

In this day and age knowing how to use technology is about as important as knowing how to breathe. Technology has infiltrated our homes, social lives and most importantly our jobs. It has become so important to know what kind of laptop to buy as well as which phone would better suit your needs because we use these devices every day. So basically, what I’m saying is read this blog (and mine!), stay informed, and RESEARCH because you will never know when you will be asked to operate a Mac when you’ve been using a PC your whole life.

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