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I Can Has Productivity?

Anyone who works in an environment with a computer knows how difficult it can be to stay off those pesky entertaining websites like Tumblr or LOLcats. A study done in Hiroshima, Japan (it was done in Japan, so it must be fool-proof) shows that there was more workplace productivity after viewing cute pictures of cats.

The way the study worked was university students were asked to perform three tasks. First, the tasks would be done with no stimulus. Then, the students were shown three sets of photos. First, baby animals, second were photos of adult animals and the third spot belonged to photos of food. The amount of productivity difference was measured after each set of photos, and what appeared was little to no change after viewing the photos of adult animals and food as seen in the graph to the right, courtesy of this study done by the Mother Jones website.

No solid theories have appeared from this study other then people perhaps feel a bit more tender and attentive after these photos, and those feelings trickle down into physical and mental activity.

No matter the theory or proven study, feel free to browse through as many cute animal pictures Google can come up with. You can always tell your boss it helps with your mental activity. Peruse LOLcats on your desktop or mobile phone and feel the energy to file that report surge through your body with the power or a thousand fuzzy cute newborn kittens!

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