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Terrapets: A Poor Man’s Pokémon?

Remember those days when you would walk out on the playground in your fourth grade best and spot your friends over by the corner fence huddled in a frenzy? You knew what they were huddled over because the newest pack of Pokémon cards hit shelves just yesterday. This was your moment you were going to bust out your best cards to trade. This was it. Just what you and your holographic Charizard had been waiting for.

Then the teachers ruined everything and banned Pokémon from schools. Fortunately, their reign does not rule over the Google Play Market, formerly Android Market. Tapjoy and Cerebral Fix have come up with a Pokémon-esque application named Terrapets that runs on Android devices. With similarities like catching new “pets,” using cards and battling, is Terrapets enough to get your nostalgic Pokémon fix?

Terrapets, with over 100,000 downloads, boast reviews saying “If you like Pokémon, you would like this!” Unfortunately, Terrapets lacks one thing over Pokémon: Adventure.

With the Pokémon games, players were able to go to new towns, battle new trainers and check off certain goals given to them. So far with Terrapets, the goal seems to be catch and battle new pets. That’s it.

With further development, the app may grow into something more like Pokémon, but as of now, my advice is to not expect too much. If you’re waiting in line or just not able to go to sleep and want to play a little app before bed, give this a download. If you’re searching for the newest adventure-based Pokémon game changer, keep searching.

More information on this app can be found here.

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