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Smartphones With Dumb Problems

With the release of any smartphone, there is a load of hype to come with it. Apple and Samsung have recently become the poster children for smartphone hype. Samsung has even gone to the lengths of showing commercials suggesting customers waiting in an iPhone line in front of the Apple store seeing a new Samsung Galaxy SIII and changing their minds. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, the commercial can be found here.

The problem with this hype is whether or not these companies can live up to it. Reports show that with the release of the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy SIII, there were issues with the battery life. You would think that in 2012 with the release of smartphone after smartphone, one thing we would’ve accomplished is an adequate battery life in a phone. What was found, though, was that in the Standby feature, 34 mA of batter were being used rather than the allotted 3.4 mA. In the report above, they offer a way how to fix this, but the question still remains: Shouldn’t Samsung have fixed something so minuscule as this before releasing the phone?

Apple, not to be outdone by Samsung , comes with a plethora of problems itself. The release of the new iPhone 5 gave way to the most anticipated phone for at least a year. Like many Apple products, though, the first products in the release are bound to come with a set of problems of their own.

With Apple, issues like scratches and scuffs, light-leaking handsets and, just simply, bad apps are present and accounted for. Users reported to having their phones scratched upon arrival, directly out of the box. Apple claims that with the new aluminum backing, a metal that is so light and flexible is bound to receive scratches when thrown into pockets with keys and coins. The issue of light leaking is mainly seen in the white models, and Apple offers no statement as to why, but users have said that you can exchange the device for another or simply ignore the issue. Further, with the new application of Maps, Apple users have found another thing to complain about. Maps seems to skew images making cities look like they’re melting or leaving out geographical information-things that are kind of important- like rivers completely out. Images from Maps can be seen in The Amazing iOS 6 Maps website.

With updates like these on the new phones, it makes consumers wonder why all of these brand new, lightning fast, fancy schmancy phones have problems that have been present since the beginning of smartphones. Is this what users have to look forward to with every release? In the future, hopefully we’ll actually see smartphones starting out smart.

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