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Tweet to Keep a Safe Street

Twitter grows more and more popular with every passing day. Teenagers as well as fully grown working adults tweet about their latest accomplishments, newest recipes they’ve tried out, or even when they go to the bathroom. One thing many of these folks haven’t thought about using Twitter for is reporting crimes or misdemeanors to the cops.

In Seattle, the police department is participating in a new project called Tweets-by-Beat, where citizens can follow the Twitter account closest to their neighborhood and report crimes or other wrongdoings. Incidents like rape, other sexual crimes and domestic violence stay off the Twitter feed for reasons that reports say “web attention could discourage people from reporting a rape or sexual assault.”

Reasons behind why the Seattle Police Department is doing this are many. For one, it helps citizens stay connected to what’s going on in their neighborhood. Also, it allows for the Seattle PD to get information from the citizens quicker and more efficiently. With the limit of 140 characters from Twitter, users have to get in the most important information first.

Say you’re at home and there is a potentially dangerous drunk man walking up and down your street. Rather than going through the daunting task of calling the police, you can simply tweet about the incident and the cops will be on their way to help the situation.

This new use for Twitter can absolutely help citizens stay better connected to their local police. With all of these pros, though, there have to be some cons. These cons can include spamming the police department by bombarding them with unnecessary calls or false reports. The the pros highly outweigh the negatives. Search on Twitter and see if your local police department has an account. You can have your hand in helping the police department do their job.

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