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Facebook, You Mad Bro?

Facebook, within the last 5-8 years has become the pinnacle of social media. It started out as a social gathering place for college students. Soon, the flood gates were open, and anyone could join…including your mother.

Allowing such an inclusive audience made Facebook a household name and a topic mentioned at least five times daily asking your friends if they saw your recent post, liked your status, commented on your picture or shared their newest meme. Since then, though, Facebook has gotten some facelifts. And you know what they say about plastic surgery: A little goes a long way. Facebook hasn’t gotten this memo.

Facebook has changed more times than I can remember. What started out as a simple layout has turned into a massive amount of moving pictures, tons of text and advertisement after advertisement. People would get so upset whenever Facebook changed, but I would bet my life savings that if the company changed the layout back to its original state, not only would people complain about it, they wouldn’t even notice it was the original layout. The Facebook layouts throughout the years can be seen here.

Students on ETSU campus have even recognized that Facebook isn’t what it used to be, and that it’s only good for keeping up with family and whatnot. Most students can now be seen on Pinterest or Instagram in the middle of class, rather than Facebook.

Despite the plethora of Farmville requests and pokes, Facebook is still holding on to its more than 500 million users. How long that will last is unknown. We’ll have to see if Facebook becomes the new Myspace.

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