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#HelpFindKara a Hoax?

Earlier this week, a 16-year-old girl,Kara Alongi, tweeted to her followers that someone was in her house, and instructed them to call 911. After that, Alongi went missing. A little over 14 hours ago, Alongi was found and revealed she had faked her own kidnapping.

According to reports, Alongi’s twitter followers retweeted Alongi’s cry for help and even the local police department received 6,000 phone calls concerning the issue. The hashtag #HelpFindKara trended on twitter the whole time Alongi had disappeared.

“There is someone in my hour ecall 911”

                      -Kara Alongi (@KaraAlongi)

Police tracked Alongi to a bus station purchasing a ticket to New York City. Alongi was found on the side of a New Jersey highway.

What’s truly interesting is how quickly twitter turned on Alongi. Directly after revealing her faked kidnapping, Alongi’s followers were letting their anger be known.

“This kara girl went from the most worried about girl on twitter, to the most hated.”

                    -Bryan Soth (@BryanTS18)

The video below shows a follower of Alongi’s emotions going through the process of her kidnapping.


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