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Making the Switch

It has become a battle for the ages, a constant duel between two parties in the technology world. Apple v. Android-the two titans in the mobile industry.

Recently I had an iPhone 4 that I cherished so much. It was constantly in my hand, and it never left my side unless I was at work. I used my iPhone for everything. It kept my music, contacts, and apps altogether in one place.

Just two weeks ago, I made the switch to Android hesitantly. I knew you could have more customization with Android, and I was simply looking for something new. Android had what I was looking for, and I have been pleasantly surprised.

Specifically, I went from the Apple iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. Starting out, the biggest different was the size of the screen. Honestly, my hand cramped for a couple of days from reaching over the screen with my thumbs. I was used to my iPhone’s 3.5″ screen, and I went to a behemoth 4.3″-almost a whole inch difference which may sounds like nothing, but it’s definitely something.

I was pleased with the amount of customization I could do with my phone, as well as how fast it was accommodating to the changes I was making. The multiple home screens were easy to navigate through, and I was able to add little widgets rather than stare at the same icons on every screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have love for the iPhone, I just needed something new. If you’re planning on making the switch

Following is an interesting clip on the two operating systems and people switching from one to the other.

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