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Smaller iPad=iPod

According to the Wall Street Journal, productions have begun on a smaller version of Apple’s tablet, the iPad.

Apple has gotten a lot of slack for their new products, especially when they all begin to look the same. Recently, with the iPhone 5, Apple was made fun of for making the only physical change to the phone by making it taller and adding a different back. Images exploded all over the Internet joking that the iPhone 10, if it lasts that long, will be 3 feet tall. When rumors of a smaller iPad emerged, consumers were all wondering, “Wouldn’t a small iPad be the same thing as an iPod?”

Reasons behind this new iPad “mini” is pressure being thrown from Google. Barnes & Noble, and Amazon to provide a more user-friendly, ergonomic device. The newly dubbed “iPad mini” will boast a 7.85″ diagonally measured screen with a lower resolution than the current Retina display found on the current models of the iPad. The supposed price range for this new device it to be around the $250-$350 mark.

Sources say that the new iPad mini should be unveiled by the end of October. If this isn’t the case, many bloggers are going to be very surprised. Apple users knew that a new miniature tablet would be coming out, but they didn’t know how soon. It is safe to say, though, that if Apple wants to make some big bucks, they need to release the tablet soon to get it on everyone’s wish list.

All rumors are confirmed by a WSJ-based blog AllThingsD.

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