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Words to Live By Next to Your Future Wedding

Image sharing has been a social aspect on the Internet since its inception. With sites like Facebook and Tumblr, users can share photos with the click of a button. Pinterest, as the new player in the social game is making headlines as users are planning their future weddings, pinning brand new recipes and finding out how to make a masterpiece of art out of toilet paper rolls.

At being just under two years old, Pinterest is the newest social media on the block. The site mainly targets females with their “cute” and “girly” categories. Recently, though, more and more men have migrated to the site evening out the categories pinning images from “Men’s Fashion” to “Humor.”

Another thing Pinterest is becoming more popular with is quotes. The words “Keep Calm and Carry On,” British war propaganda  have been plastered all over Pinterest. People have even made up new versions of the saying. Inspirational quotes are becoming a lifestyle to Pinners. By framing them and finding creative ways to display them, they keep the pins coming.

All in all, Pinterest is proving to be the next big image sharing client. By being able to carefully organize and add small notes about the images, as well as be linked to their original source, Pinterest is the go-to for finding out how to organize your life and get it together.

One of my favorite blogs that uses Pinterest can be found here.

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