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New iPad Mini leaves many asking, “Really?”

Today, Apple unveiled their newest gadget, the iPad Mini. It’s just like an iPad but smaller. It’s also just like an iPod, but bigger. Finally, Apple has created their very own red-headed step-child. With such a new device that is so similar to all of their other devices, consumers are asking if this is it. Is Apple now devoting years of their time, money and intellect to changing the size of their products? So far, all signs point to yes.

The excitement of the new iPhone 5 was quickly over with upon the arrival of the noticeable software issues. Maps was a huge fail on Apple’s part, and results of this can be seen all over the internet. Also soon after the iPhone 5 reveal, iPhone 5 parodies seemed to be more popular than the phone itself. YouTubers and bloggers all made jokes saying the iPhone 6 wouldn’t be short enough to fit in our pockets. Now, will the iPad soon shrink enough to where we lose it in our other pockets?

I can see the parodies now. The new iPad Mini 2: Small enough to lose in your hand, but it has an amazing screen display, new faster processors and a new charging port. So, you can throw away all Apple chargers you have now, seeing as how they will be obsolete.

Let’s see what the new iPad Mini boasts, rather than just size.

Apple’s website does not offer much information on the new iPad off the bat, other than the fact it has faster wireless than the previous iPads. The size is a huge mention in the keynote stating that “there is less of it, but no less to it.” Other than the faster wireless, there are literally no other features new to the iPad Mini. They claim that there are new apps specific to the iPad Mini, but as we all know, iPad apps work on iPhones and iPods, and vice versa.

I really wish I could talk more about the specs on the new device. However, Apple has not provided us with many. With all of this emphasis on the iDevices, Apple fans have been asking about the Apple computers. Where have the MacBooks gone? The new iMac?

The hardcore Apple fans have fallen to the wayside, and the mainstreamed iDevices have been put on a pedestal.

I know, personally, as a Macbook user, I would love to see a completely redesigned laptop. I do not believe that Apple has reached their peak in their design department.

Once the craziness surrounding the iDevices goes away, I foresee a complete reno over the computer phase of Apple.

Here’s a parody already becoming a viral hit.


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