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Apple unveils the new iMac

Just after dogging Apple for not updating their computers, they turn around and unveil a brand new iMac available in November, with a larger model available in December. And let’s just say this thing looks pretty snazzy.

Apple has always been known for their design aesthetics, and the new iMac is no exception. It follows more into the sleek design of the MacBook Air as it strays away from the semi-blocky design of the MacBook Pro. The screen is the only physical design change other than the loss of the CD optical drive (again, like the MacBook Air).

The edges of the screen are tapered to give it the appearance of being smaller than it actually is. It’s like when Apple talks about how teeny tiny the Air is when it only describes the first inch of the whole computer. With the iMac, it works. The sleek design falls nothing short of beautiful. Sticking with the iMac unibody all-in-one display, the computer still comes on the stand with only a keyboard and mouse inside the box.

Performance-wise, Apple claims the new iMac to be the most powerful Apple desktop yet. Apple included third generation Intel processors as well as NVIDIA graphics making their performance faster and more vivid. Other advances have been made in the performance department, and they can be seen here.

The biggest question I had was dealing with the lack of CD optical drive. I can understand leaving it out of the MacBook Air, but taking a CD drive out of a desktop computer seems counterproductive to me. Yes, I know Apple uses advanced bluetooth connectivity to connect to CD drive in other Macs, but what happens when the iMac is your only computer option? And yes, I know that Apple offers the option to buy an external CD drive, but the price for one of those is quite the chunk of change ($79 to be exact). Will that deter people from buying the product? It may deter some, but I would venture to say that software companies will find ways around this and make it easier to download products rather than buy the CDs that download the software for you.

All in all, I think Apple has done a great job with the design of the new iMac. They’ve packed more power into a smaller, sexier machine. The next step in the iMac direction, I would venture to say, is making it touchscreen. Now, THAT is a computer I would buy hands down, especially from Apple.



  1. November 1, 2012 at 11:58 am

    pretty, ain’t it

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