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Part Rocket, Part Car: The Bloodhound SSC

Since the human race began, we’ve tried to be the fastest, smartest and toughest animals on this planet. Well, I can definitely say we’re not the toughest, and I’m not too sure about the smartest (sometimes I wonder), but I can absolutely say we are the fastest thanks to the Bloodhound SSC, the fastest car on the planet.

The Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) is the world’s fastest car, being clocked at 1,000 miles per hour, and if you’re calculating at home, yes, that is faster than a speeding bullet. While it’s considered a car, there are not too many “car” characteristics on the Bloodhound. For example, the SSC does not run on regular wheels. It uses 200-pound circles of aerospace aluminum. Pretty much the only “car” characteristic to it is that is runs on wheels, has an engine, and is capable of transporting individuals. everything else about this SSC screams rocket.

The engine is 75% rocket with 1-part whole rocket, 1-part jet afterburner, and 1-part race car engine. Even the design of the SSC looks like a rocket, and with the power coming out of the back,as seen in the picture, it looks like a rocket in motion.

It takes the SSC 35 seconds to reach 1,050 mph from the start. The car can cover 12 miles in a matter of two minutes.

Technology like this is far away from mainstreaming, at least in a personal transportation system. Railroads are getting faster and faster, but I’d like to see them go from 0-1,050mph in 35 seconds, that’s for sure.

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