Apple unveils the new iMac

October 24, 2012 2 comments

Just after dogging Apple for not updating their computers, they turn around and unveil a brand new iMac available in November, with a larger model available in December. And let’s just say this thing looks pretty snazzy.

Apple has always been known for their design aesthetics, and the new iMac is no exception. It follows more into the sleek design of the MacBook Air as it strays away from the semi-blocky design of the MacBook Pro. The screen is the only physical design change other than the loss of the CD optical drive (again, like the MacBook Air).

The edges of the screen are tapered to give it the appearance of being smaller than it actually is. It’s like when Apple talks about how teeny tiny the Air is when it only describes the first inch of the whole computer. With the iMac, it works. The sleek design falls nothing short of beautiful. Sticking with the iMac unibody all-in-one display, the computer still comes on the stand with only a keyboard and mouse inside the box.

Performance-wise, Apple claims the new iMac to be the most powerful Apple desktop yet. Apple included third generation Intel processors as well as NVIDIA graphics making their performance faster and more vivid. Other advances have been made in the performance department, and they can be seen here.

The biggest question I had was dealing with the lack of CD optical drive. I can understand leaving it out of the MacBook Air, but taking a CD drive out of a desktop computer seems counterproductive to me. Yes, I know Apple uses advanced bluetooth connectivity to connect to CD drive in other Macs, but what happens when the iMac is your only computer option? And yes, I know that Apple offers the option to buy an external CD drive, but the price for one of those is quite the chunk of change ($79 to be exact). Will that deter people from buying the product? It may deter some, but I would venture to say that software companies will find ways around this and make it easier to download products rather than buy the CDs that download the software for you.

All in all, I think Apple has done a great job with the design of the new iMac. They’ve packed more power into a smaller, sexier machine. The next step in the iMac direction, I would venture to say, is making it touchscreen. Now, THAT is a computer I would buy hands down, especially from Apple.




New iPad Mini leaves many asking, “Really?”

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Today, Apple unveiled their newest gadget, the iPad Mini. It’s just like an iPad but smaller. It’s also just like an iPod, but bigger. Finally, Apple has created their very own red-headed step-child. With such a new device that is so similar to all of their other devices, consumers are asking if this is it. Is Apple now devoting years of their time, money and intellect to changing the size of their products? So far, all signs point to yes.

The excitement of the new iPhone 5 was quickly over with upon the arrival of the noticeable software issues. Maps was a huge fail on Apple’s part, and results of this can be seen all over the internet. Also soon after the iPhone 5 reveal, iPhone 5 parodies seemed to be more popular than the phone itself. YouTubers and bloggers all made jokes saying the iPhone 6 wouldn’t be short enough to fit in our pockets. Now, will the iPad soon shrink enough to where we lose it in our other pockets?

I can see the parodies now. The new iPad Mini 2: Small enough to lose in your hand, but it has an amazing screen display, new faster processors and a new charging port. So, you can throw away all Apple chargers you have now, seeing as how they will be obsolete.

Let’s see what the new iPad Mini boasts, rather than just size.

Apple’s website does not offer much information on the new iPad off the bat, other than the fact it has faster wireless than the previous iPads. The size is a huge mention in the keynote stating that “there is less of it, but no less to it.” Other than the faster wireless, there are literally no other features new to the iPad Mini. They claim that there are new apps specific to the iPad Mini, but as we all know, iPad apps work on iPhones and iPods, and vice versa.

I really wish I could talk more about the specs on the new device. However, Apple has not provided us with many. With all of this emphasis on the iDevices, Apple fans have been asking about the Apple computers. Where have the MacBooks gone? The new iMac?

The hardcore Apple fans have fallen to the wayside, and the mainstreamed iDevices have been put on a pedestal.

I know, personally, as a Macbook user, I would love to see a completely redesigned laptop. I do not believe that Apple has reached their peak in their design department.

Once the craziness surrounding the iDevices goes away, I foresee a complete reno over the computer phase of Apple.

Here’s a parody already becoming a viral hit.


Social Media Podcast

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Social Media Podcast. Check this out to hear what social media outlets university students are using and why!

Part Rocket, Part Car: The Bloodhound SSC

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Since the human race began, we’ve tried to be the fastest, smartest and toughest animals on this planet. Well, I can definitely say we’re not the toughest, and I’m not too sure about the smartest (sometimes I wonder), but I can absolutely say we are the fastest thanks to the Bloodhound SSC, the fastest car on the planet.

The Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) is the world’s fastest car, being clocked at 1,000 miles per hour, and if you’re calculating at home, yes, that is faster than a speeding bullet. While it’s considered a car, there are not too many “car” characteristics on the Bloodhound. For example, the SSC does not run on regular wheels. It uses 200-pound circles of aerospace aluminum. Pretty much the only “car” characteristic to it is that is runs on wheels, has an engine, and is capable of transporting individuals. everything else about this SSC screams rocket.

The engine is 75% rocket with 1-part whole rocket, 1-part jet afterburner, and 1-part race car engine. Even the design of the SSC looks like a rocket, and with the power coming out of the back,as seen in the picture, it looks like a rocket in motion.

It takes the SSC 35 seconds to reach 1,050 mph from the start. The car can cover 12 miles in a matter of two minutes.

Technology like this is far away from mainstreaming, at least in a personal transportation system. Railroads are getting faster and faster, but I’d like to see them go from 0-1,050mph in 35 seconds, that’s for sure.

Augmented Reality: The Next Big Thing?

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Consumers seem to love reality that isn’t real. Reality shows have seen a huge spike in viewers in the past decade. And try as the might, they can’t seem to realize that reality television isn’t real. So since consumers love REAL things, perhaps the next big thing is augmented reality?

For years, augmented reality has tried to take off with no avail. I remember my first experience with it. It was with the Inception iPhone app. It took sounds from around you and played them through your headphones in a way you had never heard before.

Different versions of augmented reality are roaming around today. There are versions that promote advertising for apps like Yelp.For example, you can open an app on your smartphone. It uses the camera and GPS as well as other apps like Yelp that can show you reviews for a restaurant right in front of the restaurant itself. For a better example, look at the picture on the left.

Also, there are games for augmented reality. Games like the Inception one from the App Market. Also, Android has a few that put things like Tyrannosaurus Rexes in your environment and you can interact with them.

What’s the next step for augmented reality?

#HelpFindKara a Hoax?

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Earlier this week, a 16-year-old girl,Kara Alongi, tweeted to her followers that someone was in her house, and instructed them to call 911. After that, Alongi went missing. A little over 14 hours ago, Alongi was found and revealed she had faked her own kidnapping.

According to reports, Alongi’s twitter followers retweeted Alongi’s cry for help and even the local police department received 6,000 phone calls concerning the issue. The hashtag #HelpFindKara trended on twitter the whole time Alongi had disappeared.

“There is someone in my hour ecall 911”

                      -Kara Alongi (@KaraAlongi)

Police tracked Alongi to a bus station purchasing a ticket to New York City. Alongi was found on the side of a New Jersey highway.

What’s truly interesting is how quickly twitter turned on Alongi. Directly after revealing her faked kidnapping, Alongi’s followers were letting their anger be known.

“This kara girl went from the most worried about girl on twitter, to the most hated.”

                    -Bryan Soth (@BryanTS18)

The video below shows a follower of Alongi’s emotions going through the process of her kidnapping.


All the Right Screens in All the Right Places

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When asked what the future would hold, twenty years ago, I don’t think this is what they had in mind. Supposedly, we’re supposed to be flying around in cars, living in smart houses, and being able to order food from my fridge. Well, sadly, none of that has happened, but what is happening is the placement of computer screens all around us.

Clear, wireless computer screens are in more places than you think. They are no longer restricted to the desk of a workplace or in someone’s palm on their phone. Now, they are in car windows, sports goggles, and glasses everywhere.

Earlier this year, Google announced their Project Glass. This included glasses that were linked to the internet, maps, cell phone towers, etc. Essentially, it was a mobile phone on your face that you would wear like glasses. A blog about them can be seen here.

Now, in more unexpected places, computer screens are popping up in sports goggles. These mainly include, but are not limited to ski masks. These masks can show GPS location, elevation, speed, stopwatch, as well as change the tint based on the sun automatically. More information on these goggles can be seen here.

The last place I would ever think to see a computer screen is in a car window or windshield, yet it makes sense. Having directions displayed on the windshield in a small enough space to where it doesn’t take up too much space but is still noticeable is pretty ingenious. Also, having the back seat windows become interactive with the passengers is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I will be the first to say that I would definitely buy a car if I could draw, write messages, and view other car windows like I could on a computer screen. If that is the way computers are moving, I’m all for it.